Burlington International Airport to begin demolishing homes

Date: March 31, 2015 | Category:

According to WCAX TV, on March 26, over 100 people attended a meeting at the Chamberlin School in South Burlington to receive an update on the Housing Removal Program planned by Burlington International Airport. 

The airport has spent 10 years purchasing the homes in it's surrounding neighborhoods that are in the 65-decibel noise level areas and demolished them. The meeting focused on the 94 homes that are set for demolition in mid-April.

The process is set to take around 6 six months total, with contractors working Monday through Saturday. Area roads will maintain two-way traffic, and the sites of the demolished homes are supposed to be cleared and restored by November 2015. 

The reactions in the community are mixed, with some glad to see the abandoned buildings removed due to safety concerns and esthetics. Others worry that the airport plans to use the land for casinos, hotels and other developments and is doing so by removing a once-existing community. 

Another meeting will be held on Thursday, April 2 for concerned community members. 

If you are traveling through the area after picking up a rental at Burlington parking, know that the north-facing area is set to be demolished first, followed by the center. When traveling through these areas, you may want to plan for slight delays.