Channel Your Inner Chef cook-off coming to O'Hare airport

Date: March 19, 2015 | Category:

On March 31, 2015, at 11 a.m., five contestants will battle it out during the Channel Your Inner Chef cook-off.

HMSHost, a food and beverage provider that services airports across the country, is hosting the cook-off. They asked contestants across the U.S. to submit five-minute videos of themselves creating an original dish. The many entrances have been whittled down to five top contestants who will participate in the cook-off at O'Hare.

The chefs submitted videos of themselves making mahi-mahi street tacos, Caribbean-style dirty rice with sweet potatoes and jerk chicken, shrimp scampi, bacon chili with hot sauce and Italian meatballs. The competition will have the five individuals creating a unique dish with three surprise ingredients, a starch, protein and vegetable, plus an ingredient they choose from the airport's aeroponic garden. They will have 30 minutes to prepare the dish, and the judges will pick a winner who follows the guidelines, creates the best tasting meal and is a great showman. 

The winning dish will be added to the menu at one of the HMSHost airport restaurants, and first  will receive two VIP tickets to return to Chicago to attend the James Beard Foundation 2015 award ceremony at the Lyric Opera.

If you are flying through O'Hare on March 31, keep an eye out for the competition while on your way to Thrifty parking.