Is Delta being forced to leave Dallas Love Field?

Date: March 19, 2015 | Category:

According to the Dallas Morning News, Delta Airlines is set to no longer service Dallas Love Field as of July 6, 2015. 

The airline is being ousted by Southwest, who no longer wants to share their runway space with the competitor. Southwest currently operates 18 of the 20 gates at the airport and does not feel that they need to allow their competitor to access the runways any longer. 

Love Field is the only airport in the U.S. that has Congress-imposed gate capacity constraints. These rules have allowed Delta to operate out of Dallas Love Field after Southwest was ordered to share gates in February 2015. In a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals filing, the Department of Transportation established that an airline that operates accommodated flights at Dallas Love is entitled to an ongoing similar pattern of service, hence the continued tense relationship between the competitors.

This is not the first drop date that Delta has faced at the airport, and Dallas Morning News sources say it likely will not stop servicing the busy hub. Delta flights will continue through July 6, after which the fate of the airline's presence at Love field is uncertain. 

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