Security breach causes delays at Dallas Love Field airport

Last week, a security breach at the Dallas Love Field airport was the cause of about 1 hour worth of delays, keeping planes parked on the tarmac far away from the gates when an alarm was activated by the opening of a construction door.

According to a written statement by the Transportation Security Administration, someone obtained improper access to the secure area of the airport by entering through a construction door. The TSA and Dallas Police Department immediately searched for the individual, and areas of the terminal were evacuated. However, the TSA did not state whether or not they located the suspect.

Passengers were frustrated by the delay, which lasted until about 10:15 p.m. Many had to be rescreened by security, causing further delays for both outgoing and incoming flights.

Dallas Love Field airport had a similar security breach back in April, when Ruben Jimenez gained access to a protected plane and fuel section. Jiminez drove up to a gate and, when the operator lifted it to see what the man needed, drove through without authorization. The man was apprehended, and, despite the breach, airport officials deemed Love Field secure.

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