O'Hare adds displays for Earth Week

Date: April 22, 2015 | Category:

According to USA Today, O'Hare has added to its green agenda with exhibits about sustainability and gardening placed throughout the airport.

While traveling through on your way to your O'Hare airport rental car, you may notice freestanding walls that look as if they were removed from a home and placed in the airport. These exhibits showcase window boxes with living plants and information on area organizations and projects that are working to make Chicago more eco-friendly. 

According to the Chicago Department of Aviation, Chicago Flower Productions, Inc. was a major contributor to the plant life that adorns the garden boxes and other displays in Terminal 2 and 5. There's also a 26-tower aeroponic garden over the Concourse G corridor in the Rotunda Building of Terminal 3. This garden uses fertilizer and chemical-free nutrients to grow various kinds of greenery, like herbs and lettuce. The produce is then used at airport restaurants like Wolfgang Puck and Tortas Frontera. O'Hare clearly has big plans for making a positive impact on the planet with its sustainability efforts. It even employs goats, llamas, burros and alpacas to mow the lawn and control runway weeds instead of using gas-powered lawn mowers and weed whackers. 

The aeroponic garden is in place year-round but the window exhibits are only on site until May 8.