Overseas fliers will see food upgrades on United Airlines

Date: April 16, 2015 | Category:

We've all been on a flight and found our stomachs grumbling because we didn't want to eat the not-so-great airplane meal. United Airlines announced on April 15 that it would be making some food and beverage changes on international flights.

Starting June 1, 2015, complimentary meals are to be offered to passengers on long-haul overseas flights. These upgrades will include larger portions of more flavorful food. Economy class tickets will include three course meals that include a drink with cheese and crackers plus a main course, salad and bread. Dessert is also available, including ice cream, gelato, sorbet and mousse. 

People who belong to the United Club gained access to new food options in Chicago and Houston lounges starting in March. The airline is looking into more healthy options than the typical peanuts and pretzels offered in-flight, and offering United Club members a chance to fill up at a Greek yogurt bar or hot oatmeal station before boarding.

Chicago's Goose Island IPA will also be served on domestic flights from O'Hare and on an international route from Houston to London starting in April. 

No more stomach growling on your way to O'Hare airport parking if you flew internationally with United!