SeaTac Airport in need of expansion

Date: February 26, 2015 | Category:

According to the Bellingham Herald, SeaTac is planning a major expansion to open in 2019 in order to accommodate the large amount of travelers expected to visit the hub in the upcoming years.

The expansion will include more than twice the amount of square footage allotted for restaurants and vendors, as well as adding a lounge on the roof for Alaska Airlines elite passengers. The current number of international gates, 11, will expand to 18 to allow for a 60 percent greater processing capacity of international travelers. The airport will also build 35 new domestic gates and expand the terminal check-in, baggage handling and security screening areas. 

According to the Herald, the renovation and expansion will accommodate 66 million passengers a year, which is the projected annual amount of passengers for 2035. The current facility takes up only 1,500 acres and doesn't have much room to add the new facilities, so land purchase and rearranging of the runways and aircraft storage options is a possibility. 

With the expansion of the main airport, more SeaTac parking may be necessary to handle the influx of passengers.